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Carriage bolt

Product Name:Carriage bolt

Divided by the size of the head carriage bolts Mushroom head carriage bolts (corresponding to the standard GB/T14 and DIN693), Cup head carriage bolts (corresponding to the standard GB/T12-85).
Carriage bolts, by the head and screw (with an external thread of the cylinder) of a class of two-part fasteners, must meet with the nut for fastening two parts with a hole. In general, however, the bolt for connecting two objects, usually through aperture, needs and nut (nut) with the use of a single connection afford effect. Tools generally with a wrench. Head mostly hexagonal top, generally larger. Carriage bolts used in the tank, the Quartet neck in the process of installing the card in the slot, you can prevent the bolt from rotating carriage bolt can be moved in parallel in the tank. Because carriage bolt head was round, there is no cross slot or hexagon like power tools are designed to be used in the actual connection process can also play a security role.
Material: carbon steel, Q235, 45 # steel, stainless steel
Nominal diameter: 5mm - 20mm
Length: 15mm - 300mm
Surface treatment: zinc, chrome, copper, surface blackening

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