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Spray plastic tray

Product Name:Spray plastic tray

Bridge is plastic powder spray coating on the cable tray a surface treatment method .
No thinner, construction of environmental pollution, the human body without poison ; coating appearance of excellent quality , strong adhesion and mechanical strength ; spray curing time is short ; corrosion resistant coating capacity is much higher ; without primer ; simple construction, low technical requirements for workers ; costs less than painting process ; some occasions been clearly put forward the construction must use an electrostatic spray treatment process ; electrostatic powder coating process does not appear in the painting process flowing common phenomenon . Is the use of corona discharge phenomenon adsorbed on the powder coating on the cable tray . The process is this: powder coating systems for the powder by compressed air from the gas into the gun , the gun front plus a high-voltage electrostatic generator , because corona discharge generated in the vicinity of the charge density , the powder from the muzzle discharge , the formation of the charged paint particles , it is subject to the effects of static electricity , is sucked up with the opposite polarity of the workpiece , with the increase of the powder spray , the more charge accumulation , when it reaches a certain thickness , since the static repulsion , adsorption will not continue , so that the thickness of the workpiece to obtain a powder coating, and then through the heat to melt the powder
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