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High corrosion-resistant stainless steel tray

Keywords:High corrosion-resistant stainless steel tray  Date:2013-11-13  Source:Wuxi City RiCHENG Cable tray
304 series stainless steel with high corrosion resistance through for a variety of chemical corrosion medium , not only can be directly used in chemical pipelines , vessels and valves , more suitable for chemical practicing acid and alkali corrosive atmosphere heavy , high corrosion-resistant stainless steel production energy-saving light cable tray can be extremely heavy corrosive environments to ensure that within five years of its life more than any other material bridge products are irreplaceable . Stainless
Steel has high strength , making the bridge using corrugated irregularities through technological innovation patent light steel structure, greatly improve the strength of the product , thereby reducing the weight , cost exceeded the original material , the product becomes economical and practical , inexpensive, to the user in order to enjoy greater benefits . In the past a lot of heavy corrosive environment pH optional electro-galvanized , spray, hot dip galvanized can say that pollute the environment , harmful to the operator , so we had to use epoxy fiberglass composite bridge products, and corrosion resistant stainless steel with high energy-saving light quality compared to cable tray :
1, stainless steel is an inorganic metallic materials , there is no aging , cracking, although the surface will oxidize fade, but never affect product performance , and epoxy fiberglass bridge biggest drawbacks is aging.
2 , stainless steel material itself has high corrosion resistance , while the bridge is by epoxy composite body on steel bridge closed so as to achieve corrosion resistance , because the epoxy resin and steel bonding process is difficult, will inevitably lead to poor adhesion in thermal coefficient ranging and chemical corrosion medium under the effect of the phenomenon of delamination may occur , a better safety awareness.
3 , although the high energy- lightweight, high strength corrosion resistant stainless steel tray material cost is higher, because the product uses innovative technology patented structure , its construction cost is calculated only composite bridge than 20% higher , extending the life of any composite type bridge incomparable , with high practical value and economic value.
4 , energy-saving light from corrosion resistant stainless steel cable tray is a green product , recyclable material itself , there is no pollution , recycling value accounted for 40% of the original value , while the composite epoxy bridge, recycling is not yet resolved way , pollution of the environment in the future recovery of the relatively high cost . As people's environmental awareness , environmental costs for product recovery will be higher. Also because the bridge surface treatment electroplating, spraying , hot-dip zinc has a more serious environmental pollution , for our human existence , comprehensive pros and cons , we believe high corrosion resistance of stainless steel energy-efficient light senior bridge will become important for all future chemical corrosion enterprise will select products.
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